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Dansal Mission

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Nazareth Sisters

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Convent Established on

3rd  July 1999


Holy Trinity Convent, Dansal  P.O.
Jammu  Dist, J & K. Pin - 181224


0191 2669101


Jammu - Srinagar


Holy Trinity Church, Dansal


The Nazareth Sisters have extended their services to North India and this is the second mission station in Jammu & Kashmir. The first mission outside Kerala was at Lemberi village in the Rajouri district in Jammu & Kashmir. The inauguration of this Dansal mission was on 3rd July 1999. It was a milestone in the history of the Nazareth Sisters.
Dansal is a hilly area in Jammu district and 30 km away from Jammu city. The pioneers of this mission were Sr. Mariet NS (Superior), Sr. Leena NS, Sr. Jyothis NS and Sr. GraceMary NS. Rev. Fr. Francis Vattakkunnel was the first parish priest. Rev. Fr. Joseph Koovackal is the founder of this mission and he assidvously hard for the development of this mission. In order to bring the local people into the mainstream, we focused on educating them. The Holy Trinity Convent School was opened on 2nd August 1999 by the Jammu -Srinagar diocese.  Our sisters serve as administrators and teachers since the foundation of the school. The church and school come under the management of the diocese of Jammu & Srinagar. 

Parish Ministry

Holy Mass is being celebrated daily in the parish church. Every Wednesday we have prayer sessions with the Christian families. There would be special prayers during Christmas, Easter and Lenten seasons. The carol procession, in which people from many faiths enthusiastically participate in, is a memorable event. There are only five Christian families in the mission. They all gather together for the Sunday Mass and for all church feasts. Though there are only very few Christians, Sunday catechism, retreats, seminars etc. are being arranged under the leadership of the sisters.    

Social Service

To uplift the appalling conditions of the poor illiterate people of the locality, the sisters launched many projects to provide job opportunities. Along with training in skilled labour, they conduct classes to improve literacy skills. Presently 20 villages are adopted for a variety of projects. Animators are selected from among the villagers themselves. Under the guidance of sisters, tailoring centres and craft working centres were established. It resulted in large-scale employment opportunities for the rural people. This social service scheme was an outstanding achievement in the diocese of Jammu- Srinagar.